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About Optimize International

Our Vision

We envision a world full of inspired leaders and organizations, where work is a collaborative creation, as well as a source of passion, fulfillment, contribution, and meaningful impact.

Our Mission

Our mission is to Inspire leaders and teams into multiplying their talents, capabilities, and resources to produce extraordinary and valuable impact and results.

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“I found Becoming an Indispensable Partner™ tremendously valuable. Steve’s insights are always very useful, and in this program he gives a structure for interacting with any individual or group that raises the level of value for them, and that increases their impact and results to a higher level. I would recommend that everyone go to this program, no matter what you do in business. Whether you’re a consultant, you’re an internal provider, or anything else, this program would be extremely valuable. The tools, techniques and practices will help you not only in your career and work, but with every other relationship you value.”
John Boisvert
President / Greenwood Consulting
“This project was a tough one. We had to create something out of a concept and deal with a tough audience -- an industry that is dubious and skeptical. We weren’t quite sure what we would end up with or how to get there. We just knew we couldn’t do it alone. We knew we needed someone to run the meeting and bring a certain level of expertise to the party. We wanted help in getting our objectives accomplished and we got it. We’re very pleased with how it went. They took our concept and our tight timeframe and produced outstanding results.”
Barry Birmingham
US Federal Aviation Administration
“Steve was absolutely fabulous – with his help, we moved from being transaction based with our customers to being value based. In the past we had been stuck in conversations about price. Now our conversations are about their major concerns, objectives, and issues, and allow us to tailor our services to create greater value and better relationships – things we had not been able to do on our own. He did his work very effectively, and it had a tremendous impact. If there is any one person with the ability to help us get focused on what is important to customers, it is Steve Lishansky.”
Jim Wynne
Vice President / New England Financial / Information Services
“Steve Lishansky and his team gave us the tools we needed to get the job done. They played a crucial part in launching our company into a growth mode. I would tell any company that needs direction to talk to them. They’ll help you find out exactly what you need and make sure you get it. It really works.”
Joe St. Martin
COO / InfoGraphics
“I can honestly say it was the most unique and successful program we have ever offered. Before we hired Steve Lishansky, we researched the major information technology marketing firms, looking for the best company and fastest way to help us go to a much higher level of customer engagement and satisfaction. The result with Steve and his team produced a much higher quality of interaction and relationship with our customers. We know how to determine what is most important to our customers and to create high-level satisfaction with our services. The quality of communication is higher, and it happens in less time. The results are impressive.”
Tony Candito
CIO / MetLife
“Steve is a master business strategist. After meeting with him and breaking down my sales process, Steve helped me bring on over $150K in new business within one month. My pipeline is packed thanks to the simple, but profound insight Steve has brought to my business. Working with Steve is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my business - and it is one of the best you could ever make in yours!”
Marc Wayshak
President / Game Plan Selling
“At several points throughout the past 10+ years, Steve has been an invaluable coach, mentor and sage adviser who has helped me to be my best in every situation. I trust Steve as a beacon to help navigate the sometimes choppy waters of senior management and corporate politics. Thanks to Steve’s wisdom, I have not only advanced in my career, but more importantly I have done so while staying true to my own values and maintaining a balanced life.”
Cynthia Carpenter
VP / Charter Communications
“Steve Lishansky is a gifted coach and consultant. I have worked with MANY over the years and he is by far in a league of his own. If your organization is not achieving its potential, it is your loss if you don’t talk to Steve. If you are a business owner or executive and your company or career is not achieving it’s potential, you will benefit from working with Steve. He is a generous, warm and funny guy who has a gift for getting people to see their blind spots and moving swiftly to their next level.”
Peggy McGillin
President / Journey Financial Planners
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steve for over 10 years and he consistently provides customized, leading edge and high value ideas that stretch everyone’s learning and capabilities. On top of being strategic, insightful, and practical, he’s endlessly enthusiastic and generous. He has the gift of finding the best in others and being able to help them breakthrough previous limits to find it themselves. I confidently recommend Steve to top executives and executive teams.”
Meredith Kimball
President / Corporate Adventure
“This was the most powerful and effective program I have ever seen or experienced in my 30 year career. Steve showed us how to turn difficult situations into gold. It was also a remarkable team building experience that created highly successful and award-winning culture shifts in our organization. We learned to move beyond the issue of price, and play up the value of the relationship, which really helped us build long-term, successful relationships with all of our key clients. The most amazing thing is that the effects of this program and approach are so dramatic and long-lasting.”
Greg Ross
CIO / New England Financial
“I was incredibly impressed with how Steve helped our team through some difficult discussions and was able to navigate the many egos, personalities, and agendas in the room. He guided our executive team through tough subjects, including issues we’ve been avoiding for 10 years. Our challenges were clear to him, and he was able to put some truths in front of us, so individuals didn’t react defensively. His skill at executive team building is quite remarkable. Few people can do what Steve does – and in such a short time.”
Neil Pye
VP / Parelli International
“I have engaged Steve as my Executive Coach for over a decade. He has made an enormous positive impact on me personally and professionally by being an excellent listener, a personal consultant, and an unbiased analyst of other people and most importantly of myself. He has become one of my most trusted advisors on many issues, and I consider him a great friend. As Steve has taught me, greatness comes from acknowledging and managing your strengths and weaknesses, and he has certainly always been candid about mine. He has taught me how to mange them, and by so doing better manage myself...the first step in managing others. Steve has my highest recommendation.”
Richard Holbrook
Chairman and CEO / Eastern Bank Corporation