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“I was incredibly impressed with how Steve helped our team through some difficult discussions and was able to navigate the many egos, personalities, and agendas in the room. He g... Read More »

-- Neil Pye
VP, Parelli International

“Steve Lishansky is a gifted coach and consultant. I have worked with MANY over the years and he is by far in a league of his own. If your organization is not achieving its poten... Read More »

-- Peggy McGillin
President, Journey Financial Planners

“Steve is a master business strategist. After meeting with him and breaking down my sales process, Steve helped me bring on over $150K in new business within one month. My pipeli... Read More »

-- Marc Wayshak
President, Game Plan Selling

“I can honestly say it was the most unique and successful program we have ever offered. Before we hired Steve Lishansky, we researched the major information technology marketing... Read More »

-- Tony Candito
CIO, MetLife

“Steve was absolutely fabulous – with his help, we moved from being transaction based with our customers to being value based. In the past we had been stuck in conversations a... Read More »

-- Jim Wynne
Vice President, New England Financial / Information Services

“At several points throughout the past 10+ years, Steve has been an invaluable coach, mentor and sage adviser who has helped me to be my best in every situation. I trust Steve as... Read More »

-- Cynthia Carpenter
VP, Charter Communications

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