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Leadership Effectiveness

Pearls of wisdom from “Leading Others: Bringing Out the Best Performance, Impact, and Results from Your People”


Optimize International’s “Art of Leadership”

“Creating a powerful future that is compelling in the present that utilizes our people’s best personal, interpersonal, and organizational talents, capabilities, and resources to produce meaningful and valuable results.”

– Steve Lishansky

Great leaders are highly effective in 3 key dimensions:

  1. Personal effectiveness
  2. Interpersonal effectiveness
  3. Organizational effectiveness

An organization’s long-term effectiveness is directly related to how well the leaders and leadership team consistently create impact with the organization’s vision, mission, values, and culture. This, in turn, directly affects how well individual leaders throughout the organization understand, exemplify, and model consistency with the vision, mission, and values – and how well they communicate and lead from this foundation in a resourceful and authentic way.

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