The greatest differentiator you can make is to be a high-value facilitator of what’s most important to your client. To that end, there is nothing more powerful, more compelling, more likely to get you selected, and more likely to get you paid than your ability to help facilitate clarity with your client. There is nothing that matches that. So do NOT focus on what you bring to the table. There is no elevator speech, no list of referrals, no powerpoints or websites that will achieve more than staying focused on Tip #1 (above). If you are able to master this, you will be adding massive value to your clients, literally in the first few minutes or hours of your engagement.

Remember, elevator pitches don’t work. Why? Because it’s always about them, it’s not about you. And until you remember that, you’ll never get paid appropriately to the level that you could. An elevator pitch is far too selfish. It’s never about you. It’s always about them. Using inquiry to help THEM define and redefine what is most important to them – not what is top of mind – is pure service.

Remember that CO stands for clear objectives. It stands for measurements that matter. Let’s look at a brief comparison: Your services or their results–which is more compelling to a potential or existing client? Your activities, all the great things you can do or value to a client, or their value – which is more compelling? Your cost, whatever that might be, as low as it might be, or their investment – and if they can make more money with you, wouldn’t they like to invest more with you?

To your success,