Why Success Requires Resilience

When is the last time that an obstacle you encountered knocked you down, and kicked you off track?

When is the last time you achieved something great and meaningful – without having to face a significant obstacle?

The difference between these two situations lies in your ability to be resilient.  The ability to face whatever you must with a firm focus and dedication to producing a valuable result is a quality, characteristic, and talent that everyone has to some degree.

By building the strength of your focus and dedication, you create a powerful foundation for your resilience.

There’s an old saying, “You become what you focus on.”  Most people focus more on their to-do list than their ultimate, most desired accomplishments.  When your ‘line of sight’ is strong and firm on what is most important, meaningful, and valuable, you have far more command of your inspiration, initiative, and intelligence with which to face – and succeed – in any situation.

Too many people get overwhelmed when facing obstacles and difficulties – because they get fixated on the obstacles and difficulties.  Perspective, propulsion, and power comes from keeping your focus on what really matters, and figuring out how to bridge the gap between where you are – obstacle included – and your ultimate destination.

Your ability to maintain your focus on what really matters – your high value destination – together with a commitment to reaching that generates enormous capacity for resilience and the resolution of the difficulty or obstacle facing you.

Resilience comes down to:

  • How strong your commitment to a meaningful outcome is
  • How well you can address the gap between this important destination and your obstacle
  • How robust your resolve and creativity is to get that bridge built to your destination

This may sound easy in theory, but the practice builds that extraordinary muscle of being able to see where you’re going, how to deal with whatever gets in your way, and how to resolve the challenges, dilemmas and obstacles that you must face.  This is the essence of resilience.

Here is our one minute, 36 second Line of Sight video that you can use to make sure you’re focused where you can produce the greatest impact.  http://bit.ly/FocusResilience

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About the Author:

Steve Lishansky is CEO of Optimize International, a Hall-of-Fame executive coach, and a speaker, facilitator, and educator known for elevating and accelerating the performance and results of top leaders and executive teams. Author of the #1 business leadership and influence book The Ultimate Sales Revolution. Sell Differently. Change the World, he has worked with talented professionals from more than 45 countries around the world. Contact Steve at www.OptimizeIntl.com, Steve@OptimizeIntl.com or call 978-369-4525.

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