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17th Mar, 2020

The Keys To Interpersonal Effectiveness – Communication & Relationship Success

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Here is our two and a half minute video on why it is so important to focus on interpersonal effectiveness to elevate your communication and relationship success.


One of the key issues for every one of us is, ‘How do we work with the people we deal with?’ And the ability to have a great relationship is essential to every […]

5th Mar, 2020

Why You Can’t Manage Change

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As important as dealing with change is, the statistics on successfully implementing change in organizations is dismal. According to most studies, more than two thirds of change initiatives fail to achieve their stated objectives. But that does not stop many people from repeating the same old mistakes that have led to this lack of success.

Dealing with the speed the market […]

17th Feb, 2020

Why Your Clients Aren’t Thrilled to See You

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Have you ever been sure something would make a huge difference for your client, and yet you just can’t get their attention to share it?

No matter what you do, they aren’t thrilled to see you and you can’t seem to get their attention or build a better client relationship.

What’s missing?  To command the attention and openness of your clients, there […]

5th Feb, 2020

How Conflict – Done Well – Creates Great Relationships

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Conflict, which is a state of opposition between people or ideas or interests, can be one of the most effective processes for gaining agreement, alignment, and taking action that matters – as well as building great relationships.  However, this only works if it’s done well.

So many people, teams, and organizations are conflict-averse – for good reason: they don’t understand how […]

22nd Jan, 2020

Too Many Priorities Equals Poor Decision-Making

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How quickly can you and the top members of your team give a consistent response to this question:

  • What are the top three priorities for this quarter and this year?

When I ask this question, I often get a long silence and then a recitation of seven to fifteen responses from the leader I’m talking to. When I talk to the […]

7th Jan, 2020

What Every CEO Wishes Their CIO Would Do

By |2019-10-02T13:42:21+00:00January 7th, 2020|0 Comments

What does every CEO really want from their key leaders? The simplest answer is likely to be “better results, faster.” Now it gets complicated.

For a CIO who understands his or her role, you’re in the best possible position to make the most difference with every other part of the organization. Done well, you can help every other division to clarify, […]

20th Dec, 2019

Strategic Planning Checklist For Success

By |2019-10-02T13:38:24+00:00December 20th, 2019|0 Comments

If your strategic planning process and meetings are not highly engaging, energizing, clarifying, focusing, and aligning your team… you’re doing it wrong.

Strategic planning, done well, should be one of the most dynamic and even enjoyable meeting of the minds. It should accelerate a leadership team’s ability to come together to clearly and concisely conclude and communicate not only what their […]

4th Dec, 2019

3 Key Questions to Create Success and Maximize Impact

By |2019-10-02T13:37:36+00:00December 4th, 2019|0 Comments

A critical key to success you and your organization is to ask three high value questions that are most important to get clear answers to. It is also critically important to not just understand and apply the 3 questions, but to appreciate the order in which you need to ask them.

Question #1: If you want to create the clarity and […]

28th Nov, 2019

The Ultimate in Communicating with Leaders

By |2019-10-02T13:36:52+00:00November 28th, 2019|0 Comments

For years, I have been telling leaders that they should welcome as much communication as possible – but only two kinds.

Whether you are a leader, wanting your people to be far more effective in their thinking, communicating, and dealing with you, or you need to make a bigger impact with your leader, this distinction […]

7th Nov, 2019

The Greatest Sources of Miscommunication in Client Relationships

By |2019-10-02T13:36:05+00:00November 7th, 2019|0 Comments

When I ask skilled technical and service professionals and leaders what their single biggest challenge is, I almost always get the same response:

“My clients.”

For more than 25 years, I’ve been asking top-notch leaders, managers and professionals from all around the world this same question.  Whether they see themselves on the technology, marketing, consulting, sales, […]

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