7th Jan, 2020

What Every CEO Wishes Their CIO Would Do

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What does every CEO really want from their key leaders? The simplest answer is likely to be “better results, faster.” Now it gets complicated.

For a CIO who understands his or her role, you’re in the best possible position to make the most difference with every other part of the organization. Done well, you can help every other division to clarify, […]

20th Dec, 2019

Strategic Planning Checklist For Success

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If your strategic planning process and meetings are not highly engaging, energizing, clarifying, focusing, and aligning your team… you’re doing it wrong.

Strategic planning, done well, should be one of the most dynamic and even enjoyable meeting of the minds. It should accelerate a leadership team’s ability to come together to clearly and concisely conclude and communicate not only what their […]

4th Dec, 2019

3 Key Questions to Create Success and Maximize Impact

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A critical key to success you and your organization is to ask three high value questions that are most important to get clear answers to. It is also critically important to not just understand and apply the 3 questions, but to appreciate the order in which you need to ask them.

Question #1: If you want to create the clarity and […]

12th Oct, 2019

How to Rebuild Trust as a Leader

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This article was originally posted on June 1, 2017, and has been updated.

I think you’ll agree with me on this one… Trust is an absolutely essential foundation of any great relationship.

A breakdown of trust is one of the most significant reasons a group, team, or organization under-performs, or even fails.

Eroded trust undermines the best goals, and renders mission statements […]

2nd Oct, 2019

The Four Levels of Decision Making

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When it comes to communication skills, understanding how people are thinking and making their decisions is supremely valuable. Your ability to be effective with your communication skills increases dramatically when you know where someone is in terms of their level of decision-making, the options open to them, and what you need to do to help them make better decisions.

Here 4 […]

16th Nov, 2018

What Really Matters

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In the constant swirl of activity and demands in life and work today, do you ever lose track of what really matters most?

One of the biggest challenges for the leaders, top professionals, and senior executives that I work with is keeping their focus and efforts on their most important priorities and outcomes.

The first question to start every meeting […]

23rd Oct, 2018

Technical Skills Are Not Enough

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Many highly trained technical experts of all kinds – IT professionals, engineers, lawyers, doctors, architects, and other sophisticated experts – know the answers to their clients’ issues before the clients even know what their issue is.

The problem is that until a client trusts you to take care of them – especially in an area they don’t even know how to […]

3rd Oct, 2018

The Key To The Most Successful Client Relationships

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Virtually everything that matters comes back to the quality of your relationships. Whether that is with clients, colleagues, your boss, suppliers, friends, spouse, or children, knowing what would make the relationship better is extremely valuable to know.

What do you believe is the single most powerful, universal, effective driving force of the best client relationships? The seven most common answers – […]

27th Sep, 2018

Are You a Vendor or an Indispensable Partner?

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You can easily tell how much your clients value you as a partner in a number of ways, including:

  • How early they bring you into important conversations to take advantage of your insights
  • They include you in their strategic planning
  • How clearly you and they can tie their requests to their strategic objectives
  • They don’t argue about your pricing

If you […]

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