23rd Aug, 2018

Where CIO’s and IT Need to Innovate Most

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Innovation is an important driver of success everywhere today – but there are certain specific areas of innovation for CIO’s and their IT groups to focus on.

The biggest area of innovation critical for CIO’s involves improving the performance and results of their organization and their business partners.

Everything a CIO and his/her team does needs to advance the most important strategic […]

28th Jun, 2018

The Future Of The CIO

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NOTE: While this is focused on the responsibilities of a great CIO, everything here if relevant to every senior executive who is committed to delivering exceptional value.

“Give me a lever long enough, and a place to stand, and I can move the world.”  Archimedes

Nothing is as critical to the success of an organization today […]

14th Jun, 2018

Digital Transformation – Where Are You Really Going?

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The hottest topic in technology, finance, and executive leadership (for very different reasons) is digital transformation. Highly credible research firms are projecting that over 1.2 trillion dollars will be spent on digital transformation this year – and that amount will multiply over the next five years.

For such a hot topic, the question I’m always asking the leaders I meet is:


6th Jun, 2018

The Tyranny of the To-Do List

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Do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, chasing your To-Do list?  If you are, how do you answer this next very important question: Can you get everything on your to-do list done? 

If you are like every other leader and professional I have asked this question of over the last 20 years – your answer is no.

That leads […]

16th May, 2018

What Frustrates Your Clients Most – and How to Change This

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Nothing complicates the life of a CIO and their IT group more than unmet expectations by their clients and business partners. Too often, the most meaningful result of a project is not well clarified and defined, supplanted by a rush to do get something done.

What is most annoying about this is that the failure to identify the most important, high […]

30th Apr, 2018

Keys to Getting Your Clients’ Attention

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You know you have immense capability, valuable solutions, and very meaningful ways you can make an impact in your client’s business. The problem is: you can’t seem to get them to pay attention to you, or to value the contributions you can make that they really need.

So many professional service providers could make a huge difference for their clients – […]

24th Apr, 2018

Are You an Indispensable Partner to Your Clients – or Just a Vendor

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How do your clients rate you and your team on the positive side of the continuum of how you are valued?

You could range from a tolerated vendor, to a somewhat useful resource, to a contributor, to the ultimate level of relationship: being an Indispensable Partner In Your Client’s Success.

Where do you think you and your organization rate on this continuum?

The […]

29th Jan, 2018


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Digital transformation is a powerfully compelling and fast moving train that can take you to meaningful destinations and results – or derail, full of good intentions, expectations, and immense investment.

“Digital transformation is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of society, “ according to Wikipedia.  This has the potential to produce inventive and dynamic new […]

16th Aug, 2017

Get Clear On How Value Is Perceived

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The most successful leaders and professionals know that creating “value” is the key to their success. This is the most important result every professional must deliver to the people they serve. Whatever form “value” needs to take, the ability to provide it to those you serve is critical to your success. This is true no matter what your role is, and […]

26th Jul, 2017

How to Improve Team Decision Making

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As the great Peter Drucker: “It never fails to amaze me how you can take intelligent people, put them on a committee, and they come up with a decision only an idiot could make.”

Unfortunately, I have to agree with him. Too many times I see teams of talented, capable, experienced people come together – and struggle to efficiently and effectively […]

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