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17th Jan, 2021

What Should I Do Next – and The 50 Choices Dilemma

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What should I do next?  Isn’t that one of the most consistently asked questions.  Every great leader, manager and professional needs to make these decisions well to be highly successful.

I challenge leaders to address this systemically by considering their thinking and decision making on what I call the ‘50 Choices Dilemma.’

Very briefly it goes like this: You have 50 things […]

23rd Oct, 2020

Four Levels of Leadership Decision-Making

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When it comes to better decision-making process and skills, understanding how people think, evaluate and decide is immensely valuable. Your ability to be effective with both making and communicating decisions increases dramatically when you know where someone is in terms of their processing.  That includes recognizing what level they are operating on so you can help them make better decisions.

The […]

17th Sep, 2020

What Drives Great Decision-Making?

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Here’s a link to a video that will add insight to today’s content –

Have you noticed how slow, inconsistent, and even incoherent most organizational decision-making is?

Have you wondered about what kind of process – if any – really exists for decision-making?

Whether you’re looking at your own organization’s ability to make meaningful decisions quickly, or your client’s inability to […]

10th Sep, 2020

Why Leadership Vision Matters

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What do the best and most successful leaders and organizations have and use that the less accomplished, under-performing leaders are missing?

The most successful have the keys to:

  • Clearer focus about what is most important and valuable
  • Faster decision making – at every level of the organization
  • Aligning efforts towards achieving what most matters for success
  • Connection to and sense of […]
7th Jan, 2020

What Every CEO Wishes Their CIO Would Do

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What does every CEO really want from their key leaders? The simplest answer is likely to be “better results, faster.” Now it gets complicated.

For a CIO who understands his or her role, you’re in the best possible position to make the most difference with every other part of the organization. Done well, you can help every other division to clarify, […]

20th Dec, 2019

Strategic Planning Checklist For Success

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If your strategic planning process and meetings are not highly engaging, energizing, clarifying, focusing, and aligning your team… you’re doing it wrong.

Strategic planning, done well, should be one of the most dynamic and even enjoyable meeting of the minds. It should accelerate a leadership team’s ability to come together to clearly and concisely conclude and communicate not only what their […]

16th Nov, 2018

What Really Matters

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In the constant swirl of activity and demands in life and work today, do you ever lose track of what really matters most?

One of the biggest challenges for the leaders, top professionals, and senior executives that I work with is keeping their focus and efforts on their most important priorities and outcomes.

The first question to start every meeting […]

10th Aug, 2017

Why Strategic Planning Fails Part III

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Making Goals Really Matter and Work

Goals are critical measurements of accomplishment, progress, and success. However, how goals are created is a situation often rife with issues and challenges – especially when the goals are made up, or disconnected from a well-understood and sensible foundation.

Too many organizations have goals that are untethered to anything besides some percentage of growth, […]

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