The Ultimate Sales Revolution

2nd Jul, 2019

7 Powerful Principles for Accelerating Success

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The way you think, evaluate, and make your decisions drives your options for action.  These are inextricably linked together. The perspectives and mindset that you approach a situation with constrains the set of choices for decision-making, and ultimately your options for what actions you can take.

Considering that the greatest impediment to change is our habits, being able to shift your […]

4th Jun, 2019

The Power of Rapport

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Being focused and present with your clients is a great start. But that just means you’re here.

If you really want to build successful client relationships, you have to go beyond just being present.

So, what’s next?

The next step is building a connection with your client, or rapport.


What is rapport?

Rapport is, by dictionary definition, a sympathetic, empathetic connection with another.

Now, what […]

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