5th Jul, 2017

Becoming a Partner in Your Client’s Success

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If you aspire to the level of becoming an Indispensable Partner in your client’s success, there is nothing more important to you than understanding what is most important to them. Having even extraordinary technical capabilities that your employer, client or organization needs is insufficient for being recognized, respected and rewarded to delivering the value that you […]

27th Jun, 2017

Clarity is Power

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We often hear that knowledge is power, but the truth is, that’s long gone. You can get all the knowledge you’d ever want from Google, literally in a split second.

Make no mistake, in our lightning-fast digital age, where everything is old news only ten minutes after it’s born, clarity is power.

Why does that matter in client relationships? Well, here’s the […]

6th Jun, 2017

Why Common Sense Isn’t Commonplace

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My revision of the old 80 – 20 rule I have been sharing all over the world for years goes like this: 80% of success is common sense; less than 20% of the people are using it! When you are committed to be truly successful, in addition fully deploying your skills, talents, expertise and experience, one of your best additions […]

17th May, 2017

The Fastest Way to Kill Off Leaders

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In this day and age of intense demand and hyperactivity, it’s astounding how leadership and leadership decision–making – the best keys to keeping a whole organization on track – seems to be missing way too much.

Too many leaders are sucked into the maelstrom of activity, spreading their focus, attention, and priorities way too thin to be able to make a […]

11th May, 2017

Finding Focus and Disrupting Distractions

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You know how powerful and effective you can be when you’re focused on meaningful results.

You also know how dazed and ineffective you can be when you’re distracted by those attention grabbing aspects of our daily life. That includes the pull of email, the lure of surfing the internet, and the seduction of social media – not to mention overscheduling, meetings […]

2nd May, 2017

Do You Really Know What is Most Important to Your Clients?

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One of the most top consistent issues that come up in speaking to top professionals is accepting client requests – even when they don’t address what the client really and truly needs most.

How many times has one of your clients insisted that they want “x” – and you knew this was n what they really needed or would ultimately be satisfied […]

17th Apr, 2017

Overcoming Overwhelm

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The prevalence of overwhelm is one of the most insidious factors reducing clarity, focus, impact, and productivity. The worst part is the way it sucks you in, almost like getting pulled under and into a whirlpool amongst the rapids on a river.

The solution is to stop struggling with the mass of swirling issues, step aside for a super productive three […]

13th Apr, 2017

One Critical Key For Improving Your Communication

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Given the pace of work, meetings, and demands, there is an issue that is particularly prevalent and problematic for effective communication and relationship building. This intruder that diminishes your ability to connect with, understand and create a meaningful interchange is the preoccupation you walk into a meeting with. Whether it’s a one on one or attendance at a group meeting, […]

24th Mar, 2017

What’s Leadership Got to Do With It Anyway?

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Nothing affects the success of an individual or organization like the quality of their leadership decision-making. Whether you’re leading your own life, a small team, or a major organization, understanding the levels of decision-making can enhance your effectiveness in every one of these.

Of the four levels of decision-making in the video (link below), the third and fourth level are where […]

14th Mar, 2017

The Greatest Cause of Miscommunication – and How to Solve It

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When I ask leaders and clients what is the single greatest cause of difficulties in professional relationships, on teams, and in organizations, the answer is remarkably consistent: miscommunication.

The next question about how to address this issue is where answers spin all over the place. The solution to miscommunication must begin with understanding how communication itself actually works. Leaders, managers, top […]

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