31st Jul, 2017

How To Overcome Budget Objections

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How many times has your client absolutely needed what you have to offer, and they subverted you with the old line: “That’s great, but we don’t have budget for that.”

You are doing them and yourself a major disservice by allowing that to happen. In most peoples’ concept of a budget it is a rigid spending plan. That fails the common […]

19th Jul, 2017

Why Strategic Planning Fails, Part II

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In our most recent blog, you learned that the most critical aspect of successful strategic planning is aligning your vision, mission, goals and strategies. This is essential in order to have the kind of insights and outcomes that generates dynamic results.

Typically, the weakest and most frequently missing elements of strategic planning are the vision and mission. That leaves a team […]

5th Jul, 2017

Becoming a Partner in Your Client’s Success

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If you aspire to the level of becoming an Indispensable Partner in your client’s success, there is nothing more important to you than understanding what is most important to them. Having even extraordinary technical capabilities that your employer, client or organization needs is insufficient for being recognized, respected and rewarded to delivering the value that you […]

27th Jun, 2017

Clarity is Power

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We often hear that knowledge is power, but the truth is, that’s long gone. You can get all the knowledge you’d ever want from Google, literally in a split second.

Make no mistake, in our lightning-fast digital age, where everything is old news only ten minutes after it’s born, clarity is power.

Why does that matter in client relationships? Well, here’s the […]

15th Jun, 2017

Why Strategic Planning Fails

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How many times have you been subject to what I call “the death march of strategic planning” – the long, drawn out struggle to come up with something you can at least live with, and which you know is not as good as it should be?

Most top professionals agree that the typical strategic planning process is neither strategic, nor good […]

6th Jun, 2017

Why Common Sense Isn’t Commonplace

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My revision of the old 80 – 20 rule I have been sharing all over the world for years goes like this: 80% of success is common sense; less than 20% of the people are using it! When you are committed to be truly successful, in addition fully deploying your skills, talents, expertise and experience, one of your best additions […]

17th May, 2017

The Fastest Way to Kill Off Leaders

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In this day and age of intense demand and hyperactivity, it’s astounding how leadership and leadership decision–making – the best keys to keeping a whole organization on track – seems to be missing way too much.

Too many leaders are sucked into the maelstrom of activity, spreading their focus, attention, and priorities way too thin to be able to make a […]

11th May, 2017

Finding Focus and Disrupting Distractions

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You know how powerful and effective you can be when you’re focused on meaningful results.

You also know how dazed and ineffective you can be when you’re distracted by those attention grabbing aspects of our daily life. That includes the pull of email, the lure of surfing the internet, and the seduction of social media – not to mention overscheduling, meetings […]

9th May, 2017

How to Solve the Most Common Business Problem

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Have you ever wondered why everyone seems to be on a perpetual hamster wheel of overwhelm – flailing away trying to overcome the tyranny of their to-do list?

The key lies in understanding the basis of decision-making – what distinguishes highly effective decision-making from ineffective, hamster-wheel decision-making?

Here’s a link to a one minute, 57 second video that will add insight to […]

2nd May, 2017

Do You Really Know What is Most Important to Your Clients?

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One of the most top consistent issues that come up in speaking to top professionals is accepting client requests – even when they don’t address what the client really and truly needs most.

How many times has one of your clients insisted that they want “x” – and you knew this was n what they really needed or would ultimately be satisfied […]

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