Leadership Decision Making

What is great leadership decision making and why do you need it? How certain are you that everyone in your organization, from your direct reports to the folks in the mailroom, knows what your organization’s purpose, vision, and mission are? What about your values and identity? If your team doesn’t know what those are, how will they possibly be fully committed and aligned on your goals and strategy?

Ask your top five people what the organization’s vision, mission, and top three strategic goals are. You will quickly find out how well aligned – or misaligned – your leadership is. In fact, when we lead our Strategic Alignment Process, we often uncover 30 or more different ideas of what your C-Suite thinks is important and where the organization is going.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

At least four times a year, get your entire leadership team out of their silos for a refresher look at where you’re going and how you’re doing on getting there. And not just next week or next month, but your overarching vision, mission, and values. These shouldn’t just be words in your annual report or your training manual. They need to be ideas and ideals that fuel everyone’s enthusiasm, imagination – and decision-making.

When people become stakeholders in their organization’s leadership vision, mission, and values, it energizes them in ways no simple pep talk can. They believe in what you’re trying to do because they helped you shape the way forward. Our experience is that when the top team is totally aligned, you’ll exceed the results you want faster than you planned.

The Leadership Decision Making Process

For years now, Optimize International has been getting C-Suite teams on the same page and empowering the CEO decision-making process. At the end of the session, they’re in alignment with a shared vision, mission, and shared values – driving goals they didn’t think were possible.

And when everyone’s working towards the same end, it’s extraordinary what will be accomplished…

8th Apr, 2021

Leadership Decision Making

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In this article, I talk about the importance of leadership decision-making and how it shows itself in everyday business. Read the insights here...

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