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12th Oct, 2019

How to Rebuild Trust as a Leader

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This article was originally posted on June 1, 2017, and has been updated.

I think you’ll agree with me on this one… Trust is an absolutely essential foundation of any great relationship.

A breakdown of trust is one of the most significant reasons a group, team, or organization under-performs, or even fails.

Eroded trust undermines the best goals, and renders mission statements […]

2nd May, 2017

Do You Really Know What is Most Important to Your Clients?

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One of the most top consistent issues that come up in speaking to top professionals is accepting client requests – even when they don’t address what the client really and truly needs most.

How many times has one of your clients insisted that they want “x” – and you knew this was n what they really needed or would ultimately be satisfied […]

24th Mar, 2017

What’s Leadership Got to Do With It Anyway?

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Nothing affects the success of an individual or organization like the quality of their leadership decision-making. Whether you’re leading your own life, a small team, or a major organization, understanding the levels of decision-making can enhance your effectiveness in every one of these.

Of the four levels of decision-making in the video (link below), the third and fourth level are where […]

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