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5th Mar, 2020

Why You Can’t Manage Change

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As important as dealing with change is, the statistics on successfully implementing change in organizations is dismal. According to most studies, more than two thirds of change initiatives fail to achieve their stated objectives. But that does not stop many people from repeating the same old mistakes that have led to this lack of success.

Dealing with the speed the market […]

5th Feb, 2020

How Conflict – Done Well – Creates Great Relationships

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Conflict, which is a state of opposition between people or ideas or interests, can be one of the most effective processes for gaining agreement, alignment, and taking action that matters – as well as building great relationships.  However, this only works if it’s done well.

So many people, teams, and organizations are conflict-averse – for good reason: they don’t understand how […]

22nd Jan, 2020

Too Many Priorities Equals Poor Decision-Making

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How quickly can you and the top members of your team give a consistent response to this question:

  • What are the top three priorities for this quarter and this year?

When I ask this question, I often get a long silence and then a recitation of seven to fifteen responses from the leader I’m talking to. When I talk to the […]

30th Jan, 2019

Being Right is Insufficient for Being Effective

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I am sure you have encountered this situation before. You give your client or colleague the absolute right answer – and instead of being grateful, they simply do not appreciate, respect, nor recognize the value of your solutions, work, or contribution to them. 

We all know that there is nothing better than a meaningful, high value, high impact relationship where people […]

16th Aug, 2017

Get Clear On How Value Is Perceived

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The most successful leaders and professionals know that creating “value” is the key to their success. This is the most important result every professional must deliver to the people they serve. Whatever form “value” needs to take, the ability to provide it to those you serve is critical to your success. This is true no matter what your role is, and […]

26th Jul, 2017

How to Improve Team Decision Making

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As the great Peter Drucker: “It never fails to amaze me how you can take intelligent people, put them on a committee, and they come up with a decision only an idiot could make.”

Unfortunately, I have to agree with him. Too many times I see teams of talented, capable, experienced people come together – and struggle to efficiently and effectively […]

12th Jul, 2017

Don’t Sell Yourself, It’s Never About You

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The greatest differentiator you can make is to be a high-value facilitator of what’s most important to your client. To that end, there is nothing more powerful, more compelling, more likely to get you selected, and more likely to get you paid than your ability to help facilitate clarity with your client. There is nothing that matches that. So do NOT focus […]

5th Jul, 2017

Becoming a Partner in Your Client’s Success

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If you aspire to the level of becoming an Indispensable Partner in your client’s success, there is nothing more important to you than understanding what is most important to them. Having even extraordinary technical capabilities that your employer, client or organization needs is insufficient for being recognized, respected and rewarded to delivering the value that you […]

27th Jun, 2017

Clarity is Power

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We often hear that knowledge is power, but the truth is, that’s long gone. You can get all the knowledge you’d ever want from Google, literally in a split second.

Make no mistake, in our lightning-fast digital age, where everything is old news only ten minutes after it’s born, clarity is power.

Why does that matter in client relationships? Well, here’s the […]

13th Jun, 2017

Do More With Less Makes No Sense

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When you consider what it takes to be successful in today’s ever-changing world, too many leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals respond: “Get more done faster.” This translates to the business mantra too many companies parrot: “Do more with less.”

The real problem with this thinking is its near total failure to advance the most important, highest value, game-changing choices that drive success. […]

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