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7th Jan, 2020

What Every CEO Wishes Their CIO Would Do

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What does every CEO really want from their key leaders? The simplest answer is likely to be “better results, faster.” Now it gets complicated.

For a CIO who understands his or her role, you’re in the best possible position to make the most difference with every other part of the organization. Done well, you can help every other division to clarify, […]

20th Dec, 2019

Strategic Planning Checklist For Success

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If your strategic planning process and meetings are not highly engaging, energizing, clarifying, focusing, and aligning your team… you’re doing it wrong.

Strategic planning, done well, should be one of the most dynamic and even enjoyable meeting of the minds. It should accelerate a leadership team’s ability to come together to clearly and concisely conclude and communicate not only what their […]

2nd Oct, 2019

The Four Levels of Decision Making

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When it comes to communication skills, understanding how people are thinking and making their decisions is supremely valuable. Your ability to be effective with your communication skills increases dramatically when you know where someone is in terms of their level of decision-making, the options open to them, and what you need to do to help them make better decisions.

Here 4 […]

30th Jan, 2019

Being Right is Insufficient for Being Effective

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I am sure you have encountered this situation before. You give your client or colleague the absolute right answer – and instead of being grateful, they simply do not appreciate, respect, nor recognize the value of your solutions, work, or contribution to them. 

We all know that there is nothing better than a meaningful, high value, high impact relationship where people […]

10th Aug, 2017

Why Strategic Planning Fails Part III

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Making Goals Really Matter and Work

Goals are critical measurements of accomplishment, progress, and success. However, how goals are created is a situation often rife with issues and challenges – especially when the goals are made up, or disconnected from a well-understood and sensible foundation.

Too many organizations have goals that are untethered to anything besides some percentage of growth, […]

19th Jul, 2017

Why Strategic Planning Fails, Part II

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In our most recent blog, you learned that the most critical aspect of successful strategic planning is aligning your vision, mission, goals and strategies. This is essential in order to have the kind of insights and outcomes that generates dynamic results.

Typically, the weakest and most frequently missing elements of strategic planning are the vision and mission. That leaves a team […]

29th Jun, 2017

Line Of Sight

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As a high-level strategy leader, have you ever considered what your ‘line of sight’ is likely to produce? What I mean by line of sight is the level or focal point that has your attention on a regular basis. Having worked with thousands of top leaders, managers, and technical experts from more than forty countries around the world, it became clear […]

15th Jun, 2017

Why Strategic Planning Fails

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How many times have you been subject to what I call “the death march of strategic planning” – the long, drawn out struggle to come up with something you can at least live with, and which you know is not as good as it should be?

Most top professionals agree that the typical strategic planning process is neither strategic, nor good […]

13th Jun, 2017

Do More With Less Makes No Sense

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When you consider what it takes to be successful in today’s ever-changing world, too many leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals respond: “Get more done faster.” This translates to the business mantra too many companies parrot: “Do more with less.”

The real problem with this thinking is its near total failure to advance the most important, highest value, game-changing choices that drive success. […]

22nd May, 2017

How to Lead Change

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The greatest key to success in dealing with significant change is to understand that change must be led – it cannot be managed. Managing implies an orderly application of plans, processes, and resources. Unfortunately change is rarely easily contained and channeled with a simple plan, predictable processes, and simply telling your resources what you expect of them.

When you are leading […]

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