Ultimate Business Leadership

Why CIO’s Should Be High Impact Business Leaders

In this day and age, the CIO should be a critical leader in the transformation and growth of their organization.

Here is why the CIO and their IT group needs to own and leverage their ability to guide their clients, ensure every project they work on has strategic impact, and become the integrator and innovator in improving business thinking, planning, and results.

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3 Dimensions of an Effective CIO

An effective CIO who understands the real opportunities and value they have to their organization becomes one of the key business leaders.

This video explains the 3 key dimensions of the most successful CIO’s, and how these work together to maximize business impact, drive innovation, and build a high performance IT culture.

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Strategic Alignment of Your Team

The CIO’s Steps to Becoming the Ultimate Strategic Business Leader

Your job is to be the ultimate strategic business partner and leader in your organization. In many cases this would be second in impact and influence to the CEO.

To do this requires driving innovation, ensuring clients’ business objectives make strategic sense, and using your knowledge of the organization to drive better decision-making, enhance the allocation of resources, and accelerate the highest priority results.

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Keys to Speed of Delivery Success

Speed of delivery is one of the critical factors to ensuring your reputation and standing in your company. This is driven by the ability to make faster, higher impact, higher quality decisions that deliver maximum results.

What distracts and diverts too many CIO’s and IT organizations is working on too many lower level projects. Here are insights into keeping what is most important front and center.

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Reducing Corporate Politics

How do you shift attention and focus from low-level, distracting corporate politics to significant organizational needs and results?

Find out how to elevate conversations and attention from small-minded demands to refocus on important and valuable outcomes that really matter. Here are the keys to avoid getting mired in unproductive political issues, and to facilitate the shift back to what matters and is most important.

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Client Value Delivery

Keys to the Most Valuable Client Relationships

What is the most powerful driving force of the best and most effective client relationships?

Understanding this, and using this common-sense – but not commonly practiced – approach transforms every interaction, decision, and relationship, in profoundly powerful ways.

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How to Be a Truly Valuable CIO

The key to success as a CIO requires delivering results that your clients really value. Often the clients’ requests diverge from – and are even inconsistent with – their most important strategic objectives.

Your role, and the role of your organization, is to ensure that what gets delivered truly impacts what is most needed and will be highly valued – even when that is not what is initially asked for.

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How a Fortune 500 IT Group Won the Award For Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Are you recognized for the results and value of your impact on your clients, or the breakdowns in technology?

Here is the story of transforming a Fortune 500 IT organization from focusing on delivering technical services to becoming a recognized, respected, and rewarded partner in their clients’ and the organization’s success.

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Getting Out of the Professional’s Expertise Trap

How many times have you known the exact solution the client really needs – and they didn’t care nor value your answer and expertise?

Find out how to increase your clients’ respect and appreciation for the impact and value you can provide, while avoiding falling into ‘The Expertise Trap.’

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Leading Change

Leading Change Successfully

Change must be led, as it cannot be managed. When you appreciate and embrace the keys to leading change, your effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and value goes up massively.

Here are important points to understand for CIO’s and their IT organizations to lead change well.

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How to Effectively Navigate Change and Project Prioritization

Focus on project plans and specifications often becomes a substitute for what really matters – delivering the client’s most important and valuable results.

Given that changes are so common in every project, keeping the focus on delivering the critical outcomes is worth multiples more than managing the process. Here are keys to ensuring that your impact and value are enhanced in the midst of changes.

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High Performance Culture

Major Symptoms and Risks in Running A Successful IT Organization

The closer you and your group are to regularly feeling pressured and overwhelmed – the more likely it is that you are less successful that you could and should be.

Here are some of the symptoms to watch out for – and what can move you from stressed and pressed to strategic and well prioritized.

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Creating a High Performing Culture

More leaders and organizations suffer from doing too many things, and not refining their focus on their top priorities.

The key to optimizing your success, impact, and results is to have a clear, compelling, and well-communicated focus on the most important priorities. Doing this well moves leaders from merely recognizing this as common sense, to making this a highly rewarding common practice.

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