My revision of the old 80 – 20 rule I have been sharing all over the world for years goes like this: 80% of success is common sense; less than 20% of the people are using it! When you are committed to be truly successful, in addition fully deploying your skills, talents, expertise and experience, one of your best additions is good solid common sense. It is astonishing, but common sense seems to be far less common than one would expect.

While most people recognize common sense when talking about solutions, the real impact comes from putting it into action. One of my best axioms for success is: when common sense becomes common practice, amazing results become commonplace.

Take a closer look at your work on behalf of your clients – and consider how well you are enhancing their success and results. Common sense says nothing is more important than that. Are you – and they – keeping the focus on this primary, high impact, common sense priority?

When your and their focus is on the most important and valuable results – enhancing their success – versus the urgent but often lower impact activities too many get tied up in, you are going to increase the value you deliver and they get. This is the ultimate common sense: get clear about and offer clients what really matters most – the results they really most need.

Amazing, isn’t it, that this is rarely the norm? Typically you receive requests for whatever is on a client’s mind (or their to-do list du jour). Common sense says that you must assist them to achieve clear focus on their most important results. Your skill in helping them consistently recognize that what is important is the ultimate common sense approach builds your credibility, impact, and success.

Keep this axiom at the top of your thinking as you move forward: When common sense becomes common practice, amazing results become commonplace.

To your success,