Many times conflicts and conversations spin out of control because you and the person you’re talking to are not clear about two fundamental points:

  • #1: Are you both clear about the high value outcomes you’re working towards?
  • #2: Are those particular high value outcomes really important priorities?

How do you expect to accomplish anything in communicating with others if you are not clear about the high value result that a particular communication is meant to achieve? This requires clarity about what is really most important to you, the other person (people), and to your organization.

The other big disconnect is that the really important results that need your priority focus are not being served by the conversations, engagements, and activities you’re dealing with.

The two simplest questions to consider answering to ensure effectiveness of a conversation:

  • Are we clear about what we’re talking about here?
  • Does that serve what is most important to you, me, and us?

The simplest and most powerful keys to success are clarity about what is most important, and ensuring that the work, communication, and activities are serving these well.

Here’s a one minute, twenty-seven second video to illuminate this point:

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To your continued success,