The hottest topic in technology, finance, and executive leadership (for very different reasons) is digital transformation. Highly credible research firms are projecting that over 1.2 trillion dollars will be spent on digital transformation this year – and that amount will multiply over the next five years.

For such a hot topic, the question I’m always asking the leaders I meet is:

  • What are the important outcomes digital transformation is going to deliver to your organization?

Too many people are running too fast trying to do too many things with their digital assets – without thinking deeply.

Everyone wants to make more use of their digital assets. However, very major investment in your organization should answer these 2 critical questions:

  • What are the most important results we must achieve?
  • How will this investment / activity / project help us do that better and faster?

I used to half facetiously say that two of the things that every organization wanted more of were the least well understood and defined capabilities. These were leadership and marketing. Now there are three – you can add digital transformation to the list.

Everyone wants more of these, but how do you define these?

It’s extremely difficult to develop more of what you can’t precisely define. Even scarier is not being able to define why these are so critically important – and the most critical results that leadership, marketing, and digital transformation really need to produce in your organization.

To achieve anything that is significant and meaningful, you have to:

  1. Start designing by clarifying the desired, high value results
  2. Be clear about why those results are the best choices to pursue
  3. Then, and only then, is it time to consider how you can best achieve these outcomes

So many people cannot tell me exactly what the most critical results of their digital transformation is intended to be – nor why the results they do come up with are really and truly the ones that matter most. How many of your most important results focus around:

  • Improving client relationships and communication
  • Accelerating speed to market
  • Providing information and insights for better decision-making
  • Enabling better communication and collaboration across the organization
  • Improving leadership and marketing with well-defined outcomes

It’s been said many times that you must design with the end results in mind. Otherwise, there will be massive effort, flailing, and wasted resources chasing big notions and “good ideas.” Take the time to do your strategic thinking and aligning. That is how your chances of success in digital transformation – and everything else that matters – will be enhanced and elevated.

To accelerating your success,


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