Have you noticed how slow, inconsistent, and even incoherent most organizational decision making has become? Whether you’re looking at your own organization’s ability to make meaningful decisions quickly, or your client’s inability to make important decisions on a timely basis – there is an epidemic in poor decision-making going on.

The quality of decision-making – from the C-level all the way through the organization – is essential to successful growth, effectiveness and results.

What is behind the inability of leaders and organizations – large and small – to make good decisions?  Fundamentally it comes down to a lack of focus on what really matters, or a lack of communicating that effectively for others to make excellent decisions.

What grabs too much attention is the to-do list, rather than the ultimate most important accomplishments list. When attention on activities gets disconnected from what best serves the vision, mission, and goals you have people running around in overdrive – without accomplishing very much that matters.

This is exactly the opposite of what the best leaders and organizations do.  What the best leaders and organizations strive for is clarity about what is most important, focus on the best and most efficient ways to accomplish what really matters, and clear prioritization of activities to achieve these critical outcomes.

The inability of a leadership team to clearly articulate and consistently communicate the priority strategic goals – and how these are connected to the vision and mission – is a huge failure.  This is the way to cause hyper-busy activity with way too few results that matter.

Look at your organization – and your clients’ organizations – and see how much clarity you have about the following:

  • The vision of where the organization looks to be in the next 3-5 years
  • The mission– why we exist, and what drives our most important decision-making
  • The top strategic goals – the most important measurements of progress and success

Only when these are clear and in focus can the best decisions be made about what to do.

When your to-do list fully serves the accomplishment of your most important goals, mission, and vision, you know you’re working on the right things and what matters most.  That is the key to great decision making!

To your success,