In this day and age of intense demand and hyperactivity, it’s astounding how leadership and leadership decision–making – the best keys to keeping a whole organization on track – seems to be missing way too much.

Too many leaders are sucked into the maelstrom of activity, spreading their focus, attention, and priorities way too thin to be able to make a meaningful difference.  This is at the heart of what kills off good leaders and leadership decision-making – getting buried in operational details. This is the fastest way to kill off leaders!

As a leader, your most important obligation is to keep your focus – and the focus of your team and organization – on the most important priorities, and making sure you achieve these. Too few leaders have the essential clarity about their, and their organization’s, most important strategic priorities. This is a huge detriment to moving themselves and their companies forward in the most effective, productive way.

How clear are you about: What are your own top three strategic priorities, and what are your company’s top three strategic priorities right now, and for the rest of the year?

The ability to answer this question effectively is not only critical to your success, but essential to the best possible functioning of your people and organization.  As John Wooden, the great UCLA basketball coach advises everyone: “Never mistake activity for results.”

In all my years of working with senior executives, I’ve never seen them busier, nor less clear and focused on making the biggest possible impact on their highest priority results.  Doing five, fifteen, or fifty things is a terrible substitute for thinking through, focusing on, and delivering massive impact on the three most important strategic priorities that will move you and your business farthest.

When you are ready to get clear, focus your team on what is most important, and ensure strategic alignment of your vision, mission, goals and strategies, contact me for a free, no-obligation conversation that will ensure you are asking the right questions to move in the best possible direction.

I wish you immense impact and super quality results!