The most successful leaders and professionals know that creating “value” is the key to their success. This is the most important result every professional must deliver to the people they serve. Whatever form “value” needs to take, the ability to provide it to those you serve is critical to your success. This is true no matter what your role is, and it is the very core of providing customer satisfaction, especially.

Whether you are providing customer service to internal or external customers, every single person who depends upon or serves another person must understand how “value is perceived.” This last statement already gives you the important insight that value is a perception – something understood and created by the other person. It really does not matter what you think your value is, the determination of how valuable you are is made by the other party.

Let’s define value: Value is what someone holds to be most important, meaningful and of highest impact for them. Hopefully, they are clear and able to communicate what they would most value. However, from our experience all over the world, we know that is rarely the case. Most often our internal and external clients are fixated on immediate details and actions, instead of meaningful outcomes and results. Sadly, demanded activities are often disconnected from the most important results. This is a serious deficiency – for them and for us. Doing what we are asked to do when it will not delivery valuable results makes us a deficient service provider – who will get the blame for failing to achieve the real value needed. Presenting ourselves as leaders or as top-notch technical experts, our position of authority is based on knowledge, but that is not at all sufficient to create a high perception of value.


Even if you are delivering exactly the right solution that would be of immense value to a client, if they do not perceive the nature of the issue or the value of your solution, you get very little credit for your solution. This is what frustrates many leaders and technical experts, the fact that they are giving advice and solutions of exceptional quality, but the client does not appreciate, care about, or recognize the value being provided. The “value” was not perceived, and therefore not credited to us as highly valued service provider.

Generating and increasing the perception of value is best accomplished by assisting your client to understand and prioritize the most important and valuable results they really need to achieve. When you do this, your solution(s) have magnitudes more value in their mind. Remember, value lives in the mind of the other person. Getting them clear about what is most important is critical to them perceiving, appreciating, and respecting your real value, and taking your solutions seriously.

This is the single most effective key to increasing your success: Get your clients clear and focused on what really matters. They are going to appreciate and value your solutions so much more.

To your success,