Do you know the greatest obstacles to change – and how to deal with this significant roadblock? The content below provides you with valuable insight, and there is a special offer at the end to personally help you address your biggest change challenge.

The key to handling obstacles to change is to understand why resistance is so pervasive, and the most effective workarounds that move resistance out of your way.

Whether as an individual, an organizational executive, a team leader, or a sales professional dealing with clients and prospects, helping people through constructive, productive, and valuable change is an absolutely critical skill – and necessity.

What do you think the biggest obstacle to change is? Of course, you know that failure to change, advance, and grow is a potential death sentence in our world today.

My answer to this question: habits are the great impediments to change. People get comfortable and regimented in their thinking, their activities, and the way they deal with the world around them.

If everything is working absolutely fabulously – that’s wonderful. However, the people I deal with are constantly being challenged to produce more valuable results, and do it faster, better and less expensively than ever before. Regardless of your profession or role, doing what you’ve always done is a guaranteed slide into rapid decline and obsolescence.

Do you know what gets people to embrace change? The simplest way is to get them to see significantly greater value in the situation and opportunities created by making the change than in their current status quo. If your people, colleagues, and clients do not see a significant and meaningful advantage to the world you are asking them to change to – they are not going to change.

In every change initiative, the ability to compellingly communicate the advantages, the effectiveness, the valuable difference that the change produces is your powerful lever to get change moving, embraced by your people and clients, and on the path to significant success.

Here is a one minute, 53 second video to help you understand the obstacle that habits are, and what you can do about them.

If you are ready for more information, insights and inspiration about how to do this for yourself, your team, or your organization, contact me at or call (978) 369-4525. Successfully addressing obstacles to important and needed change that are key to achieving and accelerating outstanding results, is one of the fastest and most dramatic ways to elevate your success.

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