Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can do anything, are unstoppable, and everything seems to flow in your direction?  Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can’t get out of your own way?  What makes the difference.

What is the key to being your best in the face of every situation and circumstance?

Here’s what I’ve observed working with some of the most talented, successful, and productive people around the world:  every one of them has access to what I call their resourceful state.  Simply put, a resourceful state is that mental, physical and emotional state or condition that allows you to easily and quickly tap into your highest and best personal resources.

The resources each of us has can be quite different and individual.  However, being able to draw on our best resources produces an extraordinary elevation and acceleration of our productivity, positivity, possibilities, and potential for success in every situation.  The questions you always have to ask yourself and be able to access the answers to are:

  • What are my most important talents, capabilities and resources to deploy consistently?
  • What do I need to do and focus to access and manifest these resources?

Working with, practicing, and utilizing your highest and best resources – and that dynamic, resourceful state – will produce tremendous improvement in every situation you face.

Here’s a one minute, twenty-seven second video to reinforce your access to this essential practice:


To your continued success,