Within your organization, you need to regularly consider this critical question: How do I have greater communication impact with my clients, staff, and organization?

One simple and powerful way to increase your communication impact is with the use of questions. Please test this premise with your responses to the following two scenarios:

How would you respond if you heard: “In order to be more successful and achieve what you most want to accomplish, your business will need a new system.” Most people would consider that statement warily, keeping it at arms’ length distance in order to judge it, and even more importantly, whether they are willing to agree with it or not.

In this second scenario, you will get the same content in a different way – in the form of a question. See what kind of different impact this has for you. “Would you agree that it would be extremely helpful to have a system that allows you to be more successful and achieve what you most want to accomplish?”

Using a question to frame the idea, your comments are already being considered ‘inside their head,’ so to speak. When you ask a question, the listener analyzes your content in their mind, co-mingling with their own thoughts and ideas. Your content in the form of a question is already ‘mixing it up’ inside their own thinking. They are less defended against your ideas, and more willing to consider suggestions offered in this manner. In addition, your question is likely to elicit a very clear and rapid body language response, which is another indicator of where they really are in their considerations – even before they speak.

A final thought: Remember to always ask questions consistent with what is most important to your client or customer. With that alignment, this approach will bring you farther and faster toward truly becoming a partner in their success.

To your success,