You know you have immense capability, valuable solutions, and very meaningful ways you can make an impact in your client’s business. The problem is: you can’t seem to get them to pay attention to you, or to value the contributions you can make that they really need.

So many professional service providers could make a huge difference for their clients – if only they could get their clients to see and understand what they are being offered. You can never be highly successful by simply telling clients what you have or what they need to know.

The keys to getting clients’ attention – and an understanding of the value you can offer – requires helping them to recognize:

  1. The high value, meaningful outcomes that would best advance their business results and success
  2. Where they are currently positioned relative to the results they need
  3. The gap that exists between these two

The most important key to your success lies in your ability to help your client articulate point #1: recognizing the high value, meaningful outcome that would significantly advance their business success. The key point is that you must facilitate with your client so they come to clarity about their high value outcome. Having them articulate the valuable results they need is 10 to 100 times as powerful and effective as you telling them what it should be.

Facilitating a client’s clarity about what is most important to them is exactly the skill that transforms your impact and results with clients. You should know by now, most of what clients initially ask you for is not what they ultimately need or would value most.

Only by first engaging them to get clear and focused on what is really most important will you be able to raise their ‘line of sight’ and attention to what would be truly compelling and engaging to them. This is key to getting their attention in the best and most collaborative way.

This skill of facilitating clarity with a client about what is most important is one of the ultimate abilities of a superior influencer who produces engagement and success with their clients (or in any important relationship).

This art of helping them ‘recognize the gap’ between what they would most value attaining and where they currently are is extremely powerful for demonstrating how valuable you can be – without even talking about what you do (it’s all about what is important to them). You are showing them your skillfulness as a high value partner by helping them clarify what is critical for their own best decision-making.

For more insights about how to get your clients’ attention well, view this one minute and 40 second video called “The Three Most Important Questions to Improve Results” at:

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