Virtually everything that matters comes back to the quality of your relationships. Whether that is with clients, colleagues, your boss, suppliers, friends, spouse, or children, knowing what would make the relationship better is extremely valuable to know.

What do you believe is the single most powerful, universal, effective driving force of the best client relationships? The seven most common answers – which are consistent all over the world – are:

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Openness
  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Caring
  • Understanding

While these are positive and very useful to have, ask yourself: have you ever had these – but the relationship didn’t work?

The answer, of course, is yes! We’ve had trust and respect and we still did not have the best and most successful relationship.

I have a totally different answer, which when offered, everyone says, “yes, of course, that makes sense.” The universal driving force of the best and most effective relationships is the amount of value you create in that relationship. The more value, the better the relationship. 

The key to success in creating more value lies in understanding how value is created – and where it lives. You may have massive experience having delivered value to many clients, and believe you know what value you have. However, that makes no difference unless your client understands what the value is for him or her.

No matter how much you believe in what you have to offer, value lives in the mind of the other person. Even if you’re absolutely right that what you have could be valuable for that client, it means nothing unless and until that person understands how what you are offering will be of value to them.

That means you have to understand what is valuable to your client – and what they value may not even be clear to them.

This is one of the transformational opportunities to not only create a high value relationship with a client, but to fundamentally differentiate yourself from everybody else who is simply pitching what they think that client needs.

Your ability to help the client come to a clear understanding about what is most important and valuable to them is one of your key differentiating factors. That ability to help your client get great clarity about what is most important and valuable positions you as someone focused on what matters to them. This is far more compelling to clients than trying to get them to understand your point of view about what you’re offering.

How you support your client in coming to understand the value they can get by working with you is one of your ultimate keys to success. This is especially true if you do it by first and foremost helping them get clarity about what is most important and valuable to them. 

That is the golden key that unlocks, establishes, and elevates your client relationships above and beyond anything you can ever say about your products and services. Once they know – and appreciate – that you are focused on what is most important to them, you’ve also opened the door to greater trust, respect, and understanding. From this it becomes easier and faster for your client to see and embrace you as a valued partner in their success.

To accelerating your success,

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