The prevalence of overwhelm is one of the most insidious factors reducing clarity, focus, impact, and productivity. The worst part is the way it sucks you in, almost like getting pulled under and into a whirlpool amongst the rapids on a river.

The solution is to stop struggling with the mass of swirling issues, step aside for a super productive three to five minute review, and prioritize everything you have to do. No one can do everything on their to-do list today, so your ultimate key to success is making wise choices about what is most valuable and important to do.

Here’s the process:

Download everything that has your attention, including questions, projects, concerns, and anything else swirling around. Here’s the key action: now prioritize everything on your list so you know what your top priorities are.

Start working on number one and work your way down the list – not all over the list. Here’s a one minute, thirty-six second video to inspire you further:

To your continued success,