An ancient Japanese proverb says:

This is a profound truth through the ages, yet it seems we still have a long way to go to honor the wisdom in this statement. Ask yourself – and your organization: how well does a clear and compelling vision drive your goals, strategies, and actions?

What so many people, teams, and organizations tend to do is:

  • Come up with a vague notion about the future they hope for
  • Make up some goals or growth targets they think might work
  • Start coming up with strategies to achieve these vague or ungrounded goals
  • Jump to action as a substitute for clarity of direction

A vision – when it is done well – is a powerful expression of the most profound elements of inspiration and decision-making. These include:

  • Our identity – who we are, and are committed to being
  • Our values – what is most important to experience for true fulfillment
  • Our purpose – why we are here (in any particular domain; i.e., life, career, family, our company)

A truly powerful vision is a picture of the future where we have fully manifested our identity, values, and purpose. Is there anything more compelling and engaging to orient yourself and your organization around? That is why a powerful vision is such an engaging statement that empowers people and organizations to greatness – and appropriate action.

Consider some of the most powerful visions – and results – of these great leaders, including where they started from when they first stated their visions:

  • Martin Luther King – an America without segregation and bigotry
  • Mother Theresa – a world where everyone can die with dignity
  • Nelson Mandela – the end of apartheid in South Africa
  • John F Kennedy – a man on the moon in ten years

Look underneath these vision statements and you will see the common thread of total commitment to manifesting who they were, what they valued, and why they were here. In the case of Nelson Mandela, they literally took away everything else for 27 years – but they could never take away these chosen elements. In the end, the power of his commitment and conviction made him the one who changed the world.

All the action in the world adds up to very little unless it’s in service of something compelling and meaningful that is worth working for and creating.

When you’re ready – personally or with your organization – to articulate a powerful, compelling, and engaging vision, and align it with a clarity of mission, goals, and strategies, call me to discuss the results-guaranteed Strategic Alignment Process™ – the ultimate game changer for any organization (978-369-4525 or email us at

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