Every leader knows that the quality of his or her questions is a reflection of the quality of their thinking and produces the quality they experience with their people.

For many years, clients have heard me say that leadership is far more about the questions than the answers.  There are critical questions that:

  • Define your focus
  • Evaluate your progress
  • Expand your thinking
  • Energize your people

On a daily basis, every leader should have thinking time where they consider thoughtfully and deeply the following questions:

  1. What is working best – that we could leverage and accelerate?
  2. What are the biggest challenges – that we must address?
  3. How clear and effective are my people – on our most important priorities?
  4. How well are my daily, weekly, and monthly focus working – to deliver my and our most critical results?

The greatest obstacle to doing this kind of thinking is not having the discipline to do what is most important.  Every leader I’ve worked with knows that one of the sacred practices is thinking time ­– every day.

Thinking time means creating the space, energy, and opportunity to do the depth of exploration that every great leader knows is one of their most critical and important practices.

It’s shocking how few leaders are defining and allocating one of their most precious resources – time – to accomplishing, analyzing, and activating their most important results. Seriously, if you’re not using some time to really think about what really matters, you can bet you are at the effect of:

  • Less than the most important priorities
  • Everyone else’s agenda and emergencies
  • Whatever hits your email, text or phone

To be at your best requires you setting aside the time to do the thinking, analysis, clarifying, and focusing that comes with thinking time. How well are you doing what the best and most successful know is critical – making sure your best thinking and questioning permeates everything you do?

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