One of the most top consistent issues that come up in speaking to top professionals is accepting client requests – even when they don’t address what the client really and truly needs most.

How many times has one of your clients insisted that they want “x” – and you knew this was n what they really needed or would ultimately be satisfied by? Too many times, we allow clients request a specific solution, even when the client really doesn’t understand what it takes to sol particular issue or problem.

Here are a couple of key indicators that you need to help your client get clear about what is most important – especially before you say yes:

They’re asking for an action or process – not a meaningful result.
 They’re fixated on their request – but can’t explain why this would be the best possible choice.
They cannot connect their request to a specific, meaningful impact for their organization.
They cannot articulate the value nor really meaningful measurements of success their request.
The request does not address one of their top priorities – they’re just trying to get something off a to-do list.

Accepting a request that does not address a high value, meaningful result will always create a of work, very little impact, and ultimately an unsatisfied client.

Always seek to get your client to identify and articulate what the high value result is, what the meaningful measurements of success will be, and what the real and demonstrable value to the organization is. Only then can you be sure what you’re doing is a worthwhile result worth work on.

Building this kind of clarity is your key to creating the most valuable relationships, highest level of respect, and becoming an Indispensable Partner in your client’s success.


To your success,