I am sure you have encountered this situation before. You give your client or colleague the absolute right answer – and instead of being grateful, they simply do not appreciate, respect, nor recognize the value of your solutions, work, or contribution to them. 

We all know that there is nothing better than a meaningful, high value, high impact relationship where people appreciate and recognize your value and contributions 

The critical factor in the success of any relationship is not your ability to listen or to communicate, or even to understand. While all of these are useful tools, they are insufficient for optimizing or making the most out of key relationships. 

The ultimate difference-maker in a high value relationship is how much value you perceive is present or possible in that relationship.  The more value the other people perceive as being present and possible, the better the quality of the relationship with you. If there is little or no value perceived, there is little or no relationship. This is the most fundamental marker of client success there is. 

A critical corollary to understanding that value is the marker of success in a relationship, is that just being right very often does not get perceived as valuable 

As an expert in your field, you may often walk in or get on the phone and give the right answer. You might be 100% right, in fact, absolutely giving everyone exactly what they need most to handle the situation at hand. But you don’t get the appreciation, respect, recognition, or agreement that what you offered is meaningful and valuable. 

This perfectly illustrates our axiom #1 of high value relationships: “Being right is insufficient for being effective.” Anybody who is married knows what I am talking about… 

Just because you are right does not mean you are going to be appreciated, respected, or even get a positive response. 

The critical factor in a high value relationship is just this: They need to first have clarity about the importance of their issue before they will have any appreciation for the value that you offer in solving it.  Only after they perceive the value of the issue you might be able to help them with does your answer have the possibility of producing a meaningful impact. Until they recognize the importance of the issues you are handling on their behalf, they will not ascribe appropriate value to your solutions. 

To maximize effectiveness, and be appreciated for your valuable contributions, you must facilitate clarity about the importance of the issues you are dealing with.  Only then will your clients, colleagues, and key people appreciate and recognize the value of your help.  You need this clarity before you start offering solutions.  

It is when they can see the importance of the issues you are taking care of with them that are they receptive and responsive to the value of your support. Once they really understand the value you can provide, your path to Becoming the Indispensable Partner in their success just got much shorter – and much faster. 

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