Have you ever wondered why everyone seems to be on a perpetual hamster wheel of overwhelm – flailing away trying to overcome the tyranny of their to-do list?

The key lies in understanding the basis of decision-making – what distinguishes highly effective decision-making from ineffective, hamster-wheel decision-making?

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The villain in ineffective decision-making is often The Premature How. This is when people are leaping to do something without consideration for how what they’re doing will drive their, and their organization’s, most important and valuable results.

The inability to clarify, understand, and work on the critical, most important priorities is a key driver of activity that doesn’t deliver results. This is a primary cause of underperforming organizations, busy yet unproductive people, and frustration when many hours of work produces very few meaningful results to show for all that effort.  You probably know what I am talking about.

The solution: Always have clarity and focus on what is most important and valuable. This includes being able to articulate why your choices are what is most important and valuable – before you begin to consider how to do something.

Activity without meaningful impact, along with focusing on how to do things that do not connect to high priority, valuable outcomes is pervasive in most organizations today. The most successful and productive companies focus on achieving a few critical, valuable, and high impact drivers of their ultimate success versus doing a whole lot of activities that in total add up to very little advancement of their priorities and goals.

  1. In any given moment, you should be able to know and articulate:
  2. Your organization’s mission and top three strategic goals
  3. Why these are the very best most valuable choices of what to focus on
  4. How your time and activities are clearly connected to achieving these important outcomes
  5. What you can easily say “no” to – because it does not serve these important results

The ability to focus on what is most important – and to avoid going down the rabbit holes screaming for your attention on ultimately unimportant, yet time-consuming activities – is critical to success. The simplest way to say this is that you should always know:

  1. What is most important.
  2. Why it is most important…. and only then:
  3. How you can achieve what is most important in the best and fastest way…

Measure your to-do list against these critical success factors and you will see why you are – or are not – on the path to the most valuable results.

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I look forward to helping you accelerate your accomplishments – and ultimate success.


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