29th Jul, 2020

The Greatest Sources of Miscommunication in Client Relationships

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When I ask skilled technical and service professionals and leaders what their single biggest challenge is, I almost always get the same response:

“My clients.”

For more than 25 years, I’ve been asking top-notch leaders, managers and professionals from all around the world this same question.  Whether they see themselves on the technology, marketing, consulting, sales, […]

17th Feb, 2020

Why Your Clients Aren’t Thrilled to See You

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Have you ever been sure something would make a huge difference for your client, and yet you just can’t get their attention to share it?

No matter what you do, they aren’t thrilled to see you and you can’t seem to get their attention or build a better client relationship.

What’s missing?  To command the attention and openness of your clients, there […]

4th Jun, 2019

The Power of Rapport

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Being focused and present with your clients is a great start. But that just means you’re here.

If you really want to build successful client relationships, you have to go beyond just being present.

So, what’s next?

The next step is building a connection with your client, or rapport.


What is rapport?

Rapport is, by dictionary definition, a sympathetic, empathetic connection with another.

Now, what […]

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