Every successful leader, professional, and organization must consistently consider innovating if they are looking for growth and sustainability of success.

When – and how – do you and your organization deliberately consider how to inject innovation and innovative thinking into your process?

The biggest reason that innovative thinking is so infrequent is that it’s not part of your regular thinking, meetings, and planning. Look at every one of the global innovation superstars (Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon) – they set aside specific time for strategically thinking about and working on innovation. This is driven from the highest levels, through all their critical teams.

How much innovative thinking is built into your annual – and your quarterly – strategic planning sessions?

Because of the way most strategic planning takes place, it is really far too tactical and detail-oriented to produce creative ideas. Instead of using this gathering of your top talent to collectively bring new thinking to your organization, most strategic planning sessions produce little in the way of new and creative concepts.

Another key reason that limited thinking pervades most strategic planning, is the focus of the process tends to be activity – rather than what is most important for the organization going forward. The typical strategic planning SWOT analysis rarely breeds new insights. Instead, it often produces a false illusion that we understand the environment we are operating in.

Great strategic planning relies on a foundation of:

  • Defining what is most important for the organization
  • Clearly clarifying why these are the best choices of what is most important
  • Moving to strategies only after the vision, mission and key goals are clear

How many of your senior leaders share a well-defined, agreed upon, common understanding of your vision, mission, and most critical strategic goals?

Until you’ve got your senior team clear, congruent, and committed to a compelling and jointly owned vision, mission and focused set of goals, how do you expect any innovative or creative strategic thinking to show up?

Now is a great time to consider how your strategic planning process will elevate your innovative, as well as strategic, thinking. Part of this is ensuring that there is meaningful and engaging thinking about these high level drivers that actually yield more innovative insights (as opposed to having innovation as a mere topic of discussion).

When you are ready to elevate and accelerate your team’s strategic thinking, and develop innovative insights for your company, contact me for a no obligation, free 15 minute, conversation. I promise you will get at least three new, valuable ideas and questions that will make a huge difference when your team comes together.

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