For years, I have been telling leaders that they should welcome as much communication as possible – but only two kinds.

Whether you are a leader, wanting your people to be far more effective in their thinking, communicating, and dealing with you, or you need to make a bigger impact with your leader, this distinction makes a huge difference.

Most communication we see tends to be too unfocused, too general, and too opinionated to be highly useful for high quality decision-making. After all, high quality decision making should be the central outcome of our conversations.

The ultimate solution to making communication efficient, effective, and useful for leadership decision-making is to make sure it is based on offering improvements and solutions.

What I mean is that leaders should be getting their people to offer improvements and solutions to the challenges and opportunities they are dealing with. Consider the difference between getting a suggested improvement or solution, versus an opinion about what somebody likes or doesn’t like in a given conversation.

When leaders are open to their people’s improvements and solutions, a few important things happen:

  • Your people become more outcome- and results-oriented in their thinking
  • Communication that comes to you is immediately more useful and valuable
  • The focus of communication is on achieving the important results
  • With results as the key focus, you get better ideas for how to get there

In dealing with your leaders, the ability to focus on improvements and solutions to critical situations and opportunities makes you far more valuable and worthy of engaging with. The more you add value by cultivating your ability to be improvement and solution oriented, the more your bosses will want to hear from you.

Here’s a fifty-seven second video on this topic to inspire you further:

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