When working with clients of every kind at every level, there is one question that elevates their work more than any other. That profound question is: What Is Most Important?

This single concept, well understood, can change your effectiveness, impact, quality of results, and your entire professional destiny. Understanding what is most important will provide immense clarity, focus, and impact in every situation at every level, whether you are working on effective communication, leadership, client relationship issues, or any other area critical for business success.

The most powerful key is to understand what is most important to them – the people you are dealing with, whether they are your clients or your team. Nothing clarifies a situation, a project, a goal, an issue, or the success of an organization more than understanding and focusing on What Is Most Important to the individuals, teams and clients you are dealing with.

If you want to focus your thinking on what would create the greatest performance, the best results, and the most impact you can deliver for your organization or your people, understanding “what is most important to them” will move you further faster than any other point of focus.

When you are able to articulate and get others tuned to what is most important, you produce meaningful direction, focus and impact that offers the greatest value possible as a leader and in delivering value to your clients.

What is most important is always what is most important! Your fastest path to success is when you, your clients and your team understanding what is of greatest value, meaning, impact, and importance. Otherwise, you are going to commit a tremendous amount of resources, energy, and activity that will not generate highly meaningful, valuable results.

Moving into action before you have an agreement on what’s most important is a guaranteed path to wasted effort, and potentially a dismal downward spiral.

Failure to clarify and agree on what is most important is a guaranteed path to massive effort with extremely limited return. Too many organizations today are struggling with a lack of clarity, understanding, and focus. Understanding what is most important is the fastest way to eliminate this huge obstacle to success.

Knowing what is most important is a critical conversation that you need to have with your team, with your organization and with your clients. Always get agreement about what is most important before you move to action. That is one of the most powerful engines of leadership, effective communication, and client satisfaction. By answering that ultimate question, you can be a powerful force for greater clarity, focus, and impact!

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