You can easily tell how much your clients value you as a partner in a number of ways, including:

  • How early they bring you into important conversations to take advantage of your insights
  • They include you in their strategic planning
  • How clearly you and they can tie their requests to their strategic objectives
  • They don’t argue about your pricing

If you are considered just a vendor, you’re usually receiving requests that often don’t make sense, especially relative to your client’s ultimate strategic objectives. As an indispensable partner, you operate differently. You change the relationship – and significantly improve it – by providing more than exceptionally high quality services. You also consistently ensure that what your clients are asking for are exactly what they need most to move them forward best. You also make sure that everything you do will produce the valuable results that they care about most.

Of course, as an indispensable partner, you have already done everything possible to make sure that they have clarity and focus on these key objectives. Many times you need to do this, even when the client is asking for something different. Your ultimate role as an indispensable partner is to support them in achieving their most important results – and doing it in the fastest and best ways. Anything that doesn’t meet this standard needs to be re-thought – and avoided.

The distinguishing characteristic of a true indispensable partner starts with the value you create and add to your business partner’s success. You and they must see a direct link between everything they’re asking for and their most important, high value, meaningful strategic objectives. You, as their partner in success, must ensure that link and alignment is clear and well established.

Anything less than clear alignment between any activity and ultimate business success for your client is the mark of the vendor who has not yet ascended to the level of being their indispensable partner.

To accelerating and elevating your success,

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