Nothing affects the success of an individual or organization like the quality of their leadership decision-making. Whether you’re leading your own life, a small team, or a major organization, understanding the levels of decision-making can enhance your effectiveness in every one of these.

Of the four levels of decision-making in the video (link below), the third and fourth level are where leaders thrive and create their ultimate and most important results.

Level three decision-making is what I call IMPACT – what decisions would have the greatest impact on what is most important to you (whether personally, or organizationally or in any part of your life)?

Leaders must master the art of prioritization to truly to successful for themselves and their people. The single biggest challenge I see regularly is a focus on too many issues with too little clarity about how to make better choices about what really matters. Failure to decide what your most important priorities are is failure to be as effective and successful as you really could and should be.

If you – and your people – are not continuously focused on your top three priorities, then you’re focused on things that have less impact. This is the curse of the overwhelming to-do list, when in reality, what everyone really needs is a “what are the top priorities list.” This is the minimally essential level of leadership decision-making – always keeping the focus on what matters most rather than all the things on your to-do list that don’t make a significant impact.

The ultimate level of leadership decision-making is what I call LEVERAGE. Once you have mastered the power of impact decision-making, the greatest leaders are those who understand and practice leverage.

Leverage means creating the environment and opportunities for others to make an impact. Nothing will grow your success, results, and organization like engaging others to make the critical impacts.

When you are ready to ascend to and sustain these levels of leadership decision-making, contact me to get additional resources, or to discuss getting support for you and your organization.

What is most important is always what is most important.

Here’s a link to my video – Four Levels of Leadership Decision Making – that in under two minutes gives you great insight into these different levels:


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