How do your clients rate you and your team on the positive side of the continuum of how you are valued?

You could range from a tolerated vendor, to a somewhat useful resource, to a contributor, to the ultimate level of relationship: being an Indispensable Partner In Your Client’s Success.

Where do you think you and your organization rate on this continuum?

The art and science of becoming an in Indispensable Partner requires that you:

  1. Focus relentlessly on your client’s valuable results and meaningful goals
  2. Help them stay clear, connected to, and concentrated on their most important strategic objectives
  3. Maintain attention and activity on the truly top priority deliverables
  4. Keep your client’s requests congruent with their strategic priorities
  5. Avoid being moved off of critical results and being diverted into details and distractions

The most critical skill – and the most valuable capability – is distinguishing between activities and requests that would be “nice to have,” and the critical results and priorities that will drive your client’s and organization’s ultimate success.

While this seems obvious, it’s the biggest trap doors CIO’s, their IT groups – and every professional services provider – falls into.

Anyone who is accepting requests that don’t have well-defined and high value outcomes is overloading themselves with projects that are not significant, valuable, and critical results-producers.

Unfortunately, most of this begins with a client’s demands for activities and projects that are inconsistent with their own most vital strategic priorities. Every major project IT accepts must have a clear and present connection to a high value, priority outcome of significant value. Typically, you must help your clients see this when they get intense about what they want, but disconnected from what they truly need.

As an IT partner, you enter this trap door of busy-ness, distraction, and misdirection at your own risk (and it is a huge risk). You are risking your resources, your people, your capabilities, your standing as an expert and valuable partner, and the ability to deliver exceptional impact and results.

In this day and age, every project must connect to the key strategic priorities and results of your partner if you are going to be an Indispensable Partner in their business success. Otherwise, you are no better than another vendor – and you deserve far better than that.

To accelerating and elevating your success,